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Phoenix Rose Designs

Hi Sister,

I'm Phoenix.

Business strategist, brand stylist & intuitive guide.

My business journey began a long time ago. Though the pieces didn't come together until recently.

Let me tell you a story...

When I was 12, I took one of mom’s large crystals, a tapestry and a small table, and told “fortunes” on the sidewalk. At that point, there wasn’t much talk about intuitives, mediums, or channels. (And there definitely wasn’t sage and crystals in all the boutiques!) It didn’t go very far, I think I got one customer.

But it light a spark.

I realized that you could exchange a unique service for money. That bold, courageous leaps can lead to beautiful discoveries. And, I began to understand the value of money and how it could create freedom. (Coming from a solopreneurial single mom, I deeply craved financial stability!)

This first leap into business triggered a chain of many other businesses through my teens & twenties. Ranging from clothing design to a technical company. Each time I began something new, I honed more skills. I deepened my understanding of what it takes to create a thriving business.

Alongside my own businesses, I worked for non-profits and a six-figure online empire. I dove deep into the world of online courses, high-end retreats, book publishing, branding and design — and an expanse of beautiful ways to create income.

As many of us do, initially I honed the strategic side of things. Channeling the masculine energy in my business. I read every book, I took trainings, I studied different approaches — and found myself in a cycle of productivity and pushing.

Something was missing.

I yearned for a different way. I felt lost, depleted and physically sick. I had shut down the intuitive side of myself. I wasn’t embracing the feminine energy in my business. Then, through a series of tumultuous events — thank you universe for shaking me awake — I was cracked open and led deeper into my soul’s calling.

I found myself learning Reiki energy healing, mindfulness practices, neuroscience, Human Design, manifestation techniques, the Co-Active Coaching model and the list goes on.

I realized that we must do the shadow work to fully align with our authenticity. I found that we can come up against energetic blocks, outdated beliefs, and low self-worth — which limit our business expansion. Once we peel back these layers, our business flows and evolves with ease. We can create the successful business that we truly desire. (Success defined by you, of course.) We deepen our trust — and we step into our power.

So here I am today.

I'm honored to collaborate with soul-driven business owners all around the world. This blissful (and challenging) winding path has continued to lead me deeper into my heart work, supporting clients as they bring forth their work into the world and create sustainable businesses.


You might not know that...

  • My first Reiki healing attunement was when my mom was pregnant with me. Since then I’ve received training in Usui Reiki healing on the big island of Hawaii.

  • I come from an acupuncturist mom and astrologer/medium/artist dad.

  • I'm a Gemini with a Virgo moon. My Human Design type is a Projector.

  • The ocean is a continual inspiration for me. Whenever I'm feeling blocked, you'll find me escaping to the ocean or to the forest.

  • I'm an artist at heart. I'm always experimenting and trying new mediums — some favorites include photography, charcoal, watercolor, and painting old furniture.


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