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Phoenix Rose Designs

hello there,

I'm Phoenix.

An intuitive business coach, brand stylist and designer.

My journey began a long time ago. Though the pieces didn't come together until recently.

Let me tell you a story...

When I was six, I was in the parking lot with my mom and she slammed her hand in the car door. Shock, pain, and tears sprang to her eyes. (There was likely cussing too.) I had no idea what to do — and then she asked me something I still remember so clearly. "Phoenix," she said, "put your hands on my pain."

That moment stuck with me.

My mom always said I had healing hands — and as a child, healing flowed through me so naturally. As did my intuitive wisdom. I didn't even have to try.

Fast forward through my teens and twenties, and I managed to completely lock that part of myself away.

I sought the traditional route and went on to get a science degree and worked in the non-profit arena. My spiritual and artistic side was stifled in the process. I felt a longing and unrest, but I couldn't figure out what direction I was meant to go.

Through many twists and turns of reconnecting with my creativity, and a dash of divine luck — I found my way to coaching, branding and website design. It was my calling in so many ways — and has cracked me wide open.

I learned once again to let my intuition guide the way — and trust the deep knowing within myself.

I'm now honored to collaborate with soul-driven business owners all around the world. This blissful (and challenging) winding path has continued to lead me deeper into my heart work, supporting clients as they reflect their inward journey into an authentic expression of themselves.


You might not know that...

  • I’ve studied many different approaches that I bring to my work. These range from marketing, business and branding — to Usui Reiki energy healing, mindfulness practices and neuroscience — to the Co-Active Coaching model.

  • My first Reiki healing attunement was when my mom was pregnant with me. Since then I’ve received training in Usui Reiki healing on the big island of Hawaii. (I come from a spiritual family of energy healers, astrologers and mediums.)

  • My design style is artistic, minimalist, elegant, organic, and inspired by wabi-sabi. ("Wabi-sabi is the art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness, of revering authenticity above all."Robin Griggs)

  • I'm a Gemini with a Virgo moon. (That's where the love of planning + detail comes in!)

  • The ocean is a continual inspiration for me. Whenever I'm feeling blocked, you'll find me escaping to the ocean or to the forest.

  • I'm an artist at heart. I'm always experimenting and trying new mediums — some favorites include photography, charcoal, watercolor, and painting old furniture.


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