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Phoenix Rose Designs

Business soul


& style branding immersion


You and me spending the day in a beautiful studio with flowing tea and nourishing snacks. A sacred space to go inward and clarify your business’s vision, authentic style + voice — and to create a roadmap to bring your inner desires to life.

We’ll begin with a tea ceremony and grounding meditation to set the stage for our powerful work together. Depending on the direction we’ve chosen for the day (see below), I’ll weave in savvy business strategies, energy healing, and guided meditation to support the unfolding of your vision. Our potent day will fill you up with inspiration — and most importantly, provide tangible action steps for your journey. We’ll find the balance between going inward to clarify — and creating momentum to move forward with ease.

Your experience is fully customized and may include the following:

  • Finding alignment with your soul’s calling + inner desires.

  • Identifying your unique style aesthetic + Seasonal Archetype.

  • Clarifying your messaging + mission statement.

  • Exploring services + offers that light you up and utilize your magic gifts.

  • Discovering promotional strategies that suit your style (not a one-size-fits all approach!)

  • Releasing energetic blocks, fears, or beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward.


Experience includes: 90-minute initial consult, a full day together (10am-5pm), nourishing food + drinks, and follow-up 60-minute session.
For scheduling + more info:
Contact me here.
[Limited to 6 spots per year.]


Example day:

10am: Tea ceremony. We’ll sip a specially selected tea, set an intention for our time together — and settle in with a guided energy healing meditation.

11am: Morning session. From your customized schedule, we’ll dive into the first topic of the day. Depending on your style — I’ll support you with strategic advice, intuitive business coaching, and energy healing. I blend the spiritual and the professional — the woo-woo and the business savvy.

1pm: Lunch. I’ll take you out to one of Portland’s amazing restaurants!

2pm: Afternoon session. We’ll either continue the morning session’s topic, or move forward into something new. Then, we’ll map out your next steps to bring your business desires to life!

5pm: Optional self-care. Choose an hour-long soak at an outdoor Wellness Center — or an hour-long relaxing, massage. A nourishing way to end the day!

  • Note: Dance breaks, movement + stretching, and energy healing may occur when needed ;)

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Phoenix Rose

/// a la carte additions

  • Custom Squarespace website (at a discounted price.)

  • 3-month Intuitive Business Coaching package (2 sessions per month)

  • Embolden Online Course

  • Photography session