For all of you seeking clarity in your online business...

Phoenix Rose Designs

Hello Sweet Community,

Since this is the very first of many blog posts, I'd like to make my intentions clear. These love notes are aaaall about sharing resources, tools, and inspiration so that you can feel more confident in your sacred online space (aka your website).

Today, I'm talking clarity. These dark, winter months are the perfect time to go inward and reflect. To find those moments of pure, blissful clarity — when everything clicks into place, and you feel more sure of your path than ever before.

Clarity is essential.

I often find it in the bath. Or during long walks in the forest. Or in the early hours of the morning when I'm sitting in front of my sunshine lamp (#portlandlife) and writing in my journal. These are the times of stillness. When I'm open and ready to receive the 'aha' moments.

To help you find clarity, I've created a gift for you. It's called Vision + Clarify: your website workbook! (Click the image to the right to download.)

You'll find a plethora of prompts to help you hone in to your unique voice, style aesthetic, and big business vision. I'd recommend printing it out, or using your journal to follow along. It pairs nicely with earl grey. Just in case you were wondering ;)

This is a perfect first step in your website design process, or a great way to reset if you're feeling a little lost. If you have any feedback or insights, let me know! I'd love to hear what resonated in your own business.

Sending lots of love + inspiration!

xo Phoenix