Business Soul Sessions.


One of my greatest joys is uplifting the women in my community to boldly share their authenticity.

To reflect back to them their brilliance and unique gifts that are meant to be shared in a bigger way. To empathize with the fear that comes with being seen. Being seen for your truth. Being unconventional. Being totally, and splendidly — you. No one else.

Sometimes we need someone else to help lift us up and pave the way for our work. In times of confusion, doubt — or when there’s an ache to release something new — we need a little support bringing it forth. When we’re ready to step into a new phase in our lives.

I’ve been in all of those places and I’ve had a support team to help me through. Astrologers. Business coaches. Financial coaches. Tarot readers. Energy healers. You get the picture! What I really wished I had many times, was someone to blend all of these things. The witchy business coach. The intuitive strategist. The spiritual guide who can also talk about promotional strategies and branding.

From this deep place of my own desires and grounded in the years of professional experience I’ve cultivated — I’ve created an offer that I wished I had. Weaving together business coaching, intuitive guidance, energy healing, and other spiritual tools — we’ll go deep to support you wherever you are at.

Business Soul Sessions : Align with your soul's calling.

Prior to our virtual session, we’ll choose one or two areas to focus on from the following themes: aligning with your soul’s calling + inner desires; releasing energetic blocks, fears, or beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward; exploring services + offers that light you up and utilize your gifts; or discovering promotional strategies that suit your style. Our time together will fill you up with inspiration — and most importantly, will provide tangible action steps for your path.

Find more details about the sessions right here.

I’m so overjoyed to share this with you all!

Much love + support,