Discover your own marketing style.


We’re swimming in a sea of shoulds when it comes to marketing. It’s easy to lose ourselves — and get swept up into one idea or another — based upon what we’re seeing everyone else doing. Or what everyone else is telling us we should do. The truth is...

You know your business better than anyone else. I’m here to give you permission to trust yourself and intuition.

To find your own unique path — and ultimately find joy in marketing yourself.  (Yes, this IS possible!) You have a choice in how you do it. It comes down to identifying your unique way and your audience.

First, I want you to get real about who YOU are — and what brings you joy. You’re going to be the one doing the marketing, so you better well damn enjoy it, right?! ;)

So begin to ask yourself:

Do you love writing? Or do you enjoy connecting in-person over tea? Are you a fan of posting pictures? How do you feel about getting your design groove on and putting graphics together? Are you visual? What feels easy? What feels exciting?

Keep coming back to these questions. You’re unique and you just need to find your own path in the marketing world.  

The next step is to think about your audience.

Who’s your tribe? What are their characteristics? Where do they hang out on social media? Begin to make a list of the characteristics of your ideal client. I’ll give you a hint. It’s a version of you! Similar values, but perhaps in a different career. So another way to think about this is, where do you hang out? How do you like interacting online? What resonates with you? What irritates the hell out of you?

I always like to think that I treat my clients how I want to be treated. For example, a bombardment of Holiday sales drives me crazy — so I choose not to go that route with my business. This is my own personal choice (no judgement on anyone else) — but it gives me clarity on how I want to show up online.

Now that you’ve ironed out some details of who you are and who your audience is, it’s time to make some decisions.  

Make a list of all the marketing channels that are options for you: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, Twitter, networking events, speaking gigs, or events.

What are you excited about? This could be Instagram if your business is visual and you love taking pictures — or newsletters and blogs if you love writing. Do you flow when you speak about yourself or write about yourself? If it’s speaking, you could explore a podcast or speaking at events. If you love connecting one on one, then you might want to explore reaching out to select individuals for tea dates. You get where I’m going here ;)

After you’ve solidified your channels, consistency is key. So start small, it could be one or two channels to begin with. Find your groove and then add more. You want to show up fully and that means not overwhelming yourself. (Block out your calendar if you need to!) Remember, you get to choose. Trust yourself.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend + happy holidays!

Xo Phoenix

PS. Finding your flow takes time. Be patient with yourself as you develop a routine. And if you’re craving individualized support, reach out and we can schedule a Business Soul and Style Session! We’ll dive into your marketing strategies together. (These are offered virtually or as 90-minute in-person sessions.