Finding flow on your website.

Phoenix Rose Designs


We want it in our lives, in our businesses, and in our relationships. But what about our websites? What would that look like and feel like?

It’s something I’ve been exploring a lot lately. Since I spend my days either designing, reviewing or hanging out on other people's websites — I’ve begun noticing some common stuck points and disconnects. Since this is such a potent topic, I’m excited to share a few key insights to think about to bring flow into your website.

A website that’s designed well (aka in flow) will take your ideal audience on a journey through your business. Highlighting the offers you’d like to focus on, providing opportunities to reach out and connect — and overall supporting your business goals. This is actually easier than you think, and it all begins with your home page.

Pour a cup of tea, grab your journal and dive into these prompts. (Click to print out the PDF.) Then, if you're feeling inspired, integrate some changes on your own website!

Don’t have a website yet and feeling ready? Let’s schedule a tea date to see if our vibes are aligned. You can reach me at I'd love to chat :)

Happy brainstorming!

xo Phoenix