Let's talk about money.


The number in your bank account doesn't reflect your value or worth.

Your bank balance doesn’t indicate whether you’re successful or not. It doesn’t reflect where you are on your business journey. It’s simply a number. You don’t have to attach to it. It doesn’t have to hold weight over you. It can be fluid and ever-changing.

Yes, we absolutely need to set financial goals. Pay the bills. Grow our businesses. Market our services.

It gets sticky when we’re on an emotional roller-coaster depending on where we’re at with our finances.

I’m definitely familiar with this roller-coaster. A few months ago, I decided to hire a coach and take a deep dive into the finances of my business. With her savvy support and guidance, I went all in with planning the year ahead. It started out with a bang. I was motivated, excited, and began getting everything organized. I set targets for myself and felt like things were flowing. “Why had I waited so long to do this?”, I thought. It’s easy!

Here’s where it got messy. I didn’t acknowledge my inner feelings surrounding money and value — and I identified a number as being ‘successful’. When I didn’t meet the numbers I had projected for myself, I would go into a downward spiral of shame, unworthiness, and feeling powerless. Not what I was going for.

In a reality consumed with the six-figure business idea, it’s easy to get swept up into the numbers. To attach to these ideas, and let them dictate our decisions and feelings. To give them more power than they deserve.

The key is to build up our inner resilience, so it doesn’t eb and flow with where we’re at with our finances. Our strength and success comes from within.

I hope someone out there needed this message today :)

Light + love to you all,

Xo Phoenix