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Step 2. Sharing your story with compelling copy

Before beginning the website building process, I find it's essential to have a rough draft of all of your written content. Though this may change as you see it represented visually, it's best to have a majority of the content dialed. This is an invitation to do some dreaming, planning, and composing! Then when you dive into the design, it'll all come together seamlessly. (Seriously, it makes a world of a difference!)

I recommend beginning a Word Doc or Google Doc with headings for each page of your website — then draft all of your content there. (Use your Clarity Workbook as a brainstorming resource.) It's helpful to give yourself chunks of time to get into the groove, and find your writing flow. All the words are inside you, they just need a little coaxing to come out :)

Writing tips:

  • Begin with an intention. Write the following statement down and then say it out loud. 'My voice matters.' If you're feeling inspired to add a few more intentions, please do! Make the writing process sacred and special.

  • Don't write and edit at the same time. Get it out first and then go through it. Think quantity over quality at this point.

  • Tailor your voice to your ideal audience. Who are you serving? What are they feeling? What are their frustrations? Pretend you're sitting across from them sharing a cup of tea and talking casually. Write in that voice. You can write out loud of that's helpful too.

  • Write short, easily digestible sentences.

  • Use contractions to create a comfortable, casual feeling. You’ll instead of you will, it’s instead of it is, don’t instead of do not, etc.

  • Go through each page and have a call to action. What do you want people to do on each page? Attend your event, book a session with you, shop in your Store, etc.

Already have a website with copy?

Re-read the existing content on your website. Does it still speak to you? Are there sections you need to revise or remove entirely? This is a chance to do a complete inventory of what's working and what's not working, to tell a current story about yourself and your business. Feel free to use your existing copy as a jumping off point, but don’t let yourself get stuck in old, stagnant language. This is a fresh start!



Music for flowing words!

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