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Step 4. Let's begin the creation process.


A few thoughts + notes to support you.

  • Squarespace regularly updates the platform. Depending on when you signed up for Squarespace, there may be slight shifts from the videos below. If you can’t figure out where something is located on your own or find yourself confused, please reach out.

    The most recent updates: The Style Editor is now called Site Styles, the URL slug may be found under Page Settings — SEO tab; there’s a brand-new SEO tab to adjust how your site looks in search engines; the image editor has a new interface, and many options for running the online store are now found under Commerce — i.e. Shipping. More info here.)

  • I highly encourage downloading and using the free internet browser Firefox. Other browsers often have issues with image editing. (It also comes recommended by Squarespace!)

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection. This is essential for Squarespace to run smoothly. Also, if things aren't responding, or are acting wonky, try to refresh your browser. If needed, you can even restart your computer.

  • Don't be afraid to click around! That's part of the process. If you accidentally delete a page, don't worry, you can recover it ;) These tutorials will give you a solid foundation, but you have to be open to discovery and exploration.

  • Take breaks. If you notice yourself feeling frustrated, take the opportunity to make a delicious beverage or take a quick walk.

  • Be patient with yourself. Like learning a new language, technology takes time.Th


Cozy up and dive into these tutorials!

Setting the stage. We'll look at three different websites that highlight an effective home page design.

Take a peek at Brine, my favorite template! Plus, we'll take the very first step together — activating your template.


Diving in. The overall layout of Squarespace + learning about the page editing elements. [Note, your Home Menu may be organized differently depending on when you signed up for Squarespace. Find more info here.]

Create your personalized Style Guide! Plus, this is a great page editing refresher. [Note, your Style Editor is now called Site Styles.]


Create your online altar. A guide to creating a powerful home page, along with suggestions for building out the rest of your website.

Building your pages + navigation tips. Creating a sales page? Download this workbook by Anya Hankin to guide the way. You'll also want to check out this example layout! Curious about blogging? Check out this resource to support you in getting started.


Setting up Shop. How to add items to your Store + set up E-Commerce. [Note, due to a recent Squarespace update, many options for running the online store are now found under Commerce.]

Bonus: Sneak peek into my Shop!


Creating custom design elements in Canva. I'll show you how to design graphics for your home page in my favorite (and totally free!) online source

Final words before your website launch. Your inner critic, final touches + next steps.

Scroll down for additional support.

Share your journey!

If you’d like to share your mood boards, style cravings, and final website launch, use the hashtag #emboldenecourse on Instagram! We can all stay connected and support each other there.

Announce your new website with a newsletter!

I'm gifting all Embolden participants free access to my mini e-course all about newsletters. Within the course, you'll find a PDF workbook — so your newsletters are intentionally crafted, a Canva tutorial video to create branded banners for your newsletter, and a Mailchimp tutorial video outlining how to create a newsletter from start-to-finish. You can access it right here with the password: newsletterlove. Enjoy!


If any questions come up as you build your website in Squarespace, I highly recommend reaching out to Squarespace’s support team. They’re amazing — and you can chat with them to work through any issues! You can reach them here. Additionally, you can find answers to common questions right here.

If you experience any technical issues with accessing the course or the videos, don't hesitate to reach me at: I'm here to help get you back on track!