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You’re doing beautiful work in the world.

You’re following your calling and sharing your gifts. You care deeply about serving others and the core of your work brings you so much joy. The why is clear.

The challenge is actually running a business.

Let’s connect with your wise inner knowing and tap into your authentic vision, voice and style. It’s from this place of true alignment that we’ll uncover your unique pathway forward.

After years of diving deep with heart-led coaches, visionaries and healers around the world, I’ve honed an intentional process that honors your intuition, calls on grounded business strategies, and integrates spiritual tools.

Together we’ll create a soulful and sustainable model that supports you to truly thrive.

When you rise, we all rise.


"Phoenix has an incredible ability to tune into exactly what you’re desiring to create. Her intuitive visions for me always seem to encompass the feeling and intention of what I’m looking for, but can never seem to solidify in my own head. She is also a powerful coach, helping me dive deep into the stories and beliefs that are holding me back, and she does this with such kindness and care. I don’t think there is anyone I would trust more to support me in this critical, and vulnerable, stage of business evolution.”

— Cecily Crow, Mindfulness Coach