Merging the head & the heart

Key practices for creating an intuition-led business

Join me for a FREE live workshop on Friday, May 31st at 10am PST.

In the traditional business world, intuition isn’t emphasized or talked about.

Instead of looking within, we’re taught to look outside ourselves. We’re given one-sized-fits-all formulas, sales funnels and strategies based upon someone else’s business. Often when we go down this road, we lose our internal sovereignty, clarity and authenticity. It’s a slippery slope to comparison, fear and unworthiness.

I believe there’s another way. It all begins with connecting with your intuition.

A business led from an intuitive place is one that is represented fully and authentically. Choices are made from a grounded place of power — not based on what everyone else is doing.

In this workshop, I’ll be live coaching a guest through three practices that I’ve used in my own life and shared with my clients. They’re simple and transformative. You’ll walk away with tools that you can put into practice right now!

We’ll cover:

  • How to make business decisions that are honoring your unique, authentic path — not someone else’s.

  • Finding alignment between your day-to-day tasks and your big business vision.

  • How to shift from overwhelm towards momentum, clarity and ease, as a solopreneur.

Join me Friday, May 31st at 10am PST for an hour of intimate conversation, intuitive practices, and soulful strategy. Grab your spot by registering below! {You’ll also receive a recording of the live call.}

Note, the workshop is limited to 20 spots. This is not a sales call, but a workshop designed to provide you with free tools.

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