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Intuitive Business Coaching

Business strategy. Brand clarity. Intuitive practices.

Our work together integrates soul and business savvy.

Your intuition is the starting point. We’ll begin by connecting with your deep desires and vision for your business and life. Then, from this place of inner alignment, we’ll create a plan with tangible action steps to bring your desires into being. An authentic pathway that’s all your own.

My unique approach is customized to meet you wherever you’re at. From the initial steps of beginning your business — to upleveling your existing business for more freedom, ease & sustainability.

In our work together, we may focus on:

  • Finding alignment with your business vision and ideal lifestyle

  • Translating your big vision into concrete, tangible offers and services

  • Clarifying your messaging and mission statement

  • Identifying your style aesthetic and visual identity

  • Creating sustainability, freedom and ease

  • Dialing in marketing plans and launch strategies

  • Releasing energetic blocks, fears, or beliefs that are holding you back

Scroll down for details about my offerings.


Ways We Can Work Together

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Business Coaching : 4 Months of Support

We’ll begin our journey together with an Intention Setting Session. This 3-hour deep dive will set the framework for our work together. Then, we’ll meet twice monthly for a 75-minute virtual session. Each session begins with a guided meditation to drop in and connect with your intuition. From there, we’ll move into personalized business strategies. Each session will look different depending on what support you’re craving. To balance the inward exploration with outward action, we’ll end each session with tangible steps that you’ll complete on your own.

Offering includes:

  • A snail-mailed welcome bundle

  • An initial 3-hour Intention Setting session (available in-person or virtual)

  • 2x 75-minute virtual sessions per month for 4 months

  • Monthly guided meditation (audio recording emailed to you)

  • Email support, action steps and checklists

Investment: $2800 (payment plan available)

Business Immersion

Business Immersion

A Bespoke 1:1 Business Immersion

You and me spending a full day devoted to your business. We’ll create a sacred space to go inward and clarify your vision, unique style, core messaging and services. We’ll create momentum so that you can move forward with ease!

Our day will begin with tea and a grounding meditation to set the stage for our work together. Depending on the direction we’ve chosen for the day, I’ll weave in savvy business strategies and intuitive practices to support the unfolding of your vision. Our potent day will fill you up with inspiration — and most importantly, provide tangible action steps for your journey.


  • 75-minute Intention Setting session to create the framework for our day together

  • A full day of one on one support (from 10am - 5pm) in a private studio

  • Guided meditation, healing and intuitive practices

  • Tea, nourishing snacks and a delicious lunch

  • Follow-up 75-minute call to tie up any loose ends

  • (Optional add-on : overnight stay at a specially selected Airbnb)

Investment: $1800 (payment plan available)

Clarity Session

Clarity Session

Clarity Session : 75-minute Business Download

This session is fully devoted to you and your heartwork in the world. We’ll touch base beforehand so that you can share your desires for our time together. These can range from: identifying your style aesthetic to creating a marketing plan to releasing blocks that are limiting your success. (Or any other area of your business you’re craving support around!) I’ll guide you with grounded business expertise, brand savvy and intuitive insights.

These sessions are perfect for soulful business owners who are seeking a burst of inspiration, clarity, and motivation.


  • 75-minute virtual video call (over Zoom)

  • Recording of our call

  • Follow-up email with action steps

Investment: $222


Curious about working together?

Let’s connect on the phone for a 45-minute initial consult. We’ll tune into your business vision and desires, get to know each other and I can answer any questions that you might have.

Contact me here or email


Kind words from clients

Working with Phoenix has been vital to the success and sustainability of my business. She meets me with a breadth of skill and savvy, open-hearted listening, and an incredible capacity to hold both the big picture and the nitty-gritty detail. She offers a direct line to my deepest knowing — helping me access my intuition in ways that are often hard to do for myself — especially as an entrepreneur, making dozens of decisions each day and feeling like I’m carrying my business on my own. Our work together always leads me back to my sense of grounded clarity and confidence, as she offers a unique guidance that is gentle, firm, expansive, and catalyzing.
— Anya Hankin, Leadership Facilitator & Writer
Phoenix has the rare ability to gently & lovingly penetrate deep beneath the surface of what you’re presenting to her, and she uses her intuition to guide you perfectly in the right direction every time. She does this in a magical way that uplifts you, empowers you, and fills you with energy & joy. In fact, Phoenix is so powerful that she can clearly see solutions that I sometimes can’t even see for myself yet — or that I’m not ready to embrace yet. There have been so many times where I would look back at the things Phoenix told me months before, and it was exactly the right path for me to walk down from the very beginning. Phoenix has the ability to do all of this with such love & care & intention & presence, that you feel like she is your best friend that you’ve known your entire life. I would never turn to business coaching from anyone else except for Phoenix.
— S. Rose
Phoenix’s work is expansive. Not only did she put me at ease but we covered so much in such a short time. She is a truly brilliant visionary that draws out what is most important to you and holds super supportive creative space. I totally recommend her to everyone!
— Amy, Owner + Curator at Temple Medicine Healing
Phoenix met me with magical mix of grounded clarity, honest insight, and a bounty of authentic enthusiasm. I immediately felt at ease and a kindred connection in her presence. Her ability to listen deeply and hold space with calm warmth allowed me to pour my ideas, visions, and dreams into the sacred well of possibility. I appreciate her ability to pull the juiciest threads of inspiration and ask illuminating questions that truly helped me see what I have in abundance. I value her business savvy, design skill, and willingness to meet creative challenges with joy and the spirit of YES! What had felt muddy, where I felt uncertain about “if”, transformed into focus and resounding affirmation toward moving forward with developing my offerings into a business. I credit her experience and dedication to pulling through an intuitive way of development, discernment, and decisions with the ease and flow that moved my vision and offerings through the channels of inspiration to manifestation. Working with her has felt nourishing and delightful every step of the way. Phoenix is a true heart sister, and I feel deeply grateful for her coaching, intuitive guidance, reflective and creative gifts.
— Adria Badagnani, creative flame of Art & Channel
My coaching session with Phoenix was like a breath of fresh air! She allowed me to see obstacles that had been hindering my progress for months in a new, conquerable way, and reminded me everything doesn’t have to happen all at once, helping me define the next steps I need to focus on to achieve my broader goals. Plus she’s just so sweet and kind, eager to help and it truly felt like she understood my path and potential. If you need help seeing the forest through the trees in your business, she offers great perspective and proactive ideas, with lots of kindness and heart!
— Jena, Intuitive Guide, Writer, Healer