3 Key Practices for A Thriving, Intuition-Led Business


Hello loves.

Is anyone else feeling exhausted by continually making decisions? One after another, day after day. The energetic weight we carry from making decisions is real. And, making aligned decisions is an essential part of running a successful business. From the day-to-day — to the big picture questions. What’s the beautiful business vision? How can we get there?

Well, it’s all about tuning into our authentic yes’s + no’s.

What I’ve found (personally & with clients) is that when we’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, or confused about our direction moving forward, we can often say yes when it isn’t in alignment. Because we’re in a go-go-go culture, it doesn’t feel like there’s time to pause, drop in and make intentional choices.

Plus, there’s so much information out there. So many opinions. It can be overwhelming to uncover our unique business path among it all.

The essential practice I’ve found to take aligned action begins with connecting with our intuition. Dropping in, breathing deeply and truly listening. Allowing us to discern what’s a yes and what’s a no. It’s within this space that we can access our inner wisdom.

If this way of leading your business resonates, dive deeper in this online workshop — Merging the Head & the Heart : Key practices for creating a thriving, intuition-led business.

Take what you need and bless the rest.

Wishing you all love on your business path!

xo Phoenix