Listen :: a guided healing meditation.


I’ve created something special for you, dear one.

It’s a potent healing meditation. It’ll support you to ground, connect with your intuition and clear out any negative energy that isn’t serving your highest good. It’s one of my favorite ways to set the tone for the day — or to use right before I go to bed. (Also, it can be a helpful tool to recenter, if you’re experiencing stress, anger or mental fog.)

I have to be honest.

This was an edge for me. I’ve been guiding clients through energy healing meditations for awhile now — but the idea of recording one felt like another realm altogether. See, I know myself and my desire for perfection. All the details would need to be fully dialed in. From my calm, soothing voice — to soft, sweet background music — to an expert fade out.

So, I sat with these feelings of pressure (and a bit of overwhelm!) for awhile, and came to this…

As much as I adore the idea of perfection, I realize that we need to honor where we are. And I’m just beginning this audio love experience. So here I am, being gentle with myself and taking a small step forward. Dipping my toes in.

And, it feels so juicy. To allow myself to begin here…

I hope it brings healing vibes to your day.

xo Phoenix

P.S. Since this was a brand-new endeavor, please excuse my lack of superb recording supplies. I kept it sweet + simple with my Macbook. I hope to continue to evolve in this arena and dial in my process even more, so stay tuned for meditations to come.