Resources to go along with your morning coffee.


Let's be real, running a business is challenging...

Some days aren't perfectly styled or put together. Some days are for sitting in bed. Legs unshaven. Hair in a messy bun. Drinking copious amounts of tea and eating almond butter from the jar ;) Letting yourself pause before taking the next step, or making yet another decision...

For these times of needing a little extra support + inspiration, I've put together a list of some of my favorite resources. (Nope, I'm not an affiliate. I truly just believe in them!)

The Technical:

For your website, I highly recommend Squarespace! Whether you hire out or build it yourself — Squarespace is user-friendly and has gorgeous, customizable templates. I find that it’s a perfect platform for most small business owners! is a simple-to-use program for designing your own graphics. It's free too! A go-to platform for DIYers + newsletter mavens.

My favorite source for incredible stock imagery to compliment your website, or newsletter, is

To keep things professional, I use HelloSign to send along contracts.

Grammerly is a free writing app that helps make your writing mistake-free! You just install it in your browser, and it'll check what you're working on.

For audio or video, my favorites are Sound Cloud for storing audio files and Vimeo for videos. Both will allow you to embed them right into your Squarespace web pages!

The Spiritual:

The Many Moons workbook. This workbook is amazing for creating a grounded, inspiring daily practice. It uses the phases of the moon to weave together energy work, Tarot spreads, magic, journal prompts — and gentle guidance to connect with your intuition. (So good!)

These Portland-made candles add a little magic to your workspace. (And channel some positive energy!)

Use the Insight Timer for music + meditations to reset your morning or mid-day. This has been a game-changer for my morning ritual.

Rambling Rose has the best home-grown tea from the sweetest gal. (My favorite blend is Unfold.)

Chani Nicholas is an Astrology who I'm deeply inspired by! She offers insight into the moon cycles, as well as 'Affirmations' or horoscopes to guide your journey. I've found them extremely helpful in times of chaos and confusion!

Okay, that's it for now! Take what resonates, and leave the rest.

Sending love + support to you all on your journey!

xo Phoenix