Writing tips: taglines + mission statements.


Are you craving concise messaging for your website? A sentence or two that describes your business as a whole.

This distilled message is called a business (or brand) mission statement. It can be used front and center on your home page, or throughout your web pages to develop context for your services. Essentially, it helps you provide clarity from the get-go.

Through helping clients tap into their authenticity, I've developed a simple (yet powerful) exercise that you can try out at home. Grab your journal and dive in!

List out adjectives that describe your unique business or offerings. For example: organic, whimsical, intentional, hand-crafted, intuitive, etc.

What is your service, product or offering? For example: Web design, photography, tea, coaching, etc

Who is your service or product for? Who benefits the most from what you do? For example: heart-centered entrepreneurs, artists, fashion forward women, etc.

Outline the benefits to your community, or impact of your work. For example: awakening creativity, overcoming limiting beliefs, business growth, nourishing your body, sustainability, etc.

Play around with combining them into a sentence. (You don't need to use every element together.) You may make it really short, only use adjectives, or use it as a launching off point for something else entirely.

Here are some examples:

Beautiful design for soulful business owners. (Adjective + service + who it’s for.)

Clarify your content. Catalyze your community. (Service + overall impact.)

Elevate your brand, enchant your audience and create a business that really works for you. (Services + impact of work.)

I hope you enjoyed diving into your messaging!

Sending love + good vibes to you all~

xo Phoenix