A practice for tapping into your intuition.


How often do you listen to that voice deep down inside — the one that’s so quiet it’s just a whisper?

Or perhaps it’s a feeling in your body. Something that’s easily overshadowed by your logical mind. The one that’s protecting you from fear or uncertainty — and may be convincing you that everyone else knows the right answer, instead of you.

Unfortunately, I’ve fallen into this pattern many times, especially in my business. When something didn’t feel right, I’d seek outside advice — trusting friends, parents, business coaches, or anyone else I deemed an expert, to have the right answer for me. But what I’ve found is that this can lead to decision-making based out of fear, rather than joy.

So, how do you know that you’re making a decision based out of joy? Can this really be trusted in business too?

Well, I believe our intuition is our greatest asset in business — and I’m thrilled to share my favorite practice to tap into your wise inner knowing.

Allowing you to follow a path that doesn’t need to explain, justify, or rely on an outside opinion. A path where you take the lead and you do some deep listening to find out exactly what steps to take.

The way that I’ve found to do this is simple. It’s a potent question with profound effects. The key is to ask yourself when you’re in the grounded, calm state. Not when you’re anxious, fearful, and/or had one too many double-shot lattes. Find a time when you’re feeling peaceful — chamomile tea in hand — and settle into a cozy, safe space. Take a few deep belly breathes in and out. Once you’ve found your shoulders have released, your mind has softened, and your breathe has relaxed, ask yourself,

Am I making this decision based out of fear, or because I absolutely joyfully want to do it?

Then notice what you feel. Really tune into the emotions, feelings, or thoughts that come up. It may not be the answer that you think, or what everyone else is telling you to do. But trust that little voice inside.

Magic will happen…

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.

xo Phoenix