Sharing from a place of authenticity.

Writing newsletters from the heart

I’ve been feeling blocked around writing my newsletters lately.

Actually, not just lately, like forever. I chat with folks all the time about how to create a consistent newsletter writing habitat — but I couldn’t seem to make it happen in my own life.

What I’ve discovered is I wasn’t sharing from a place of authenticity.

I had thought that because I’m a web designer, I needed to be sharing tips + tricks about websites — right?? Five ways to up your game, two tricks you didn’t know about, yada yada. You all know those types of posts. It’s so easy to see what everyone else is doing and think you should just follow suit. But, every time I’d sit down to write, no words would come.

After many long walks, I came to realize that what was (and is) truly in my heart is weaving together business + spirituality. Relying on your intuition to grow + evolve your business. To listen to your own heart, rather than relying on outside ‘experts’. The rebel’s way of navigating business. And by rebel, I mean we’re not traditionally taught to use our intuition in business.

So, after having this big epiphany — I’ve been letting myself write freely about what’s truly in my heart. Not what I think I’m supposed to share. And you know what happened?! It now feels joyful and easy — and the newsletters are flowing out of me. Yes, many are still in my Notes app, but they’ll soon be released ;)

So when you’re feeling blocked, is it because you’re sharing what you think you should be sharing? Comparing yourself to others and feeling like you should fit in their box? What if you could purely share from your own heart about what excites you?

Try writing from that place and see what happens…

xo Phoenix