Shedding the 'Shoulds' & Embracing Imperfection


The perfect business model doesn’t exist.

Though, somewhere along the way we may have picked up the idea that it does. That there’s a step-by-step formula to success. An order of operations that should be followed.

That there’s a secret.
And all of the successful businesses know it.

We begin looking outward (rather than within) for the answer. We begin to pile on the shoulds. We carry the weight of all the things we have to do.

…before we’re ready.
…before we’re worthy.
…before we can be successful.

Anya and I dive into this juicy topic during this month’s video podcast, Merging the Head & the Heart.

We get raw, open & honest about:

  • Dispelling the idea of a perfect business model

  • Shedding the “shoulds” we take on

  • Balancing looking outward and looking within

  • Embracing our perfectly imperfect own way

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xo Phoenix (& Anya!)