Following your soul's calling...

Following your soul's calling

We all have unique gifts.

Whether we’re aware of them or they’re locked deep inside. Or perhaps, we’re quite aware, but it’s terrifying to show up and share that part of ourselves with the world.

Since I was a child, I had the innate capacity to heal. My mom was a healer and my dad was an astrologer, channeler and super eccentric dude. I grew up in a household that embraced the woo. So of course, I formed my own negative opinions based upon my parent’s insecurities and struggles — and went the opposite direction. I completely closed myself off to healing, my intuition, and basically, all spirituality. I went the conventional, safe route. For a long time. Until things changed dramatically quite recently.

Through a very winding roundabout journey involving autoimmune illness, a Belizean curse (seriously!), working for a six-figure online empire, and long stretches of feeling out of alignment  — I took some bold leaps to reconnect with a long lost part of myself.

You may say that I had a spiritual awakening. I took healing trainings, dove deep into Tarot, read all different types of healing books, and began to reconnect with my own unique gifts. I excavated and peeled back the layers to reveal my inner truth. Though it was not easy, and continues to be an ongoing challenge, my whole life had transformed in a super short time span.

But my business had not transformed yet.

And since my business was (and is) a reflection of how I’m showing up, I felt a disconnect. I was creating websites with heart-centered entrepreneurs, but doing so in more traditional way.  I knew I had so much more to share. I’ve witnessed time and time again, the fear, insecurities and blocks that entrepreneurs face in stepping into their own light.

In my heart, I was ready to support them through the process of releasing and aligning with their deep desires through energy healing, guided meditation, and intuitive coaching. Though in my mind, I felt some major fear around doing that. I thought: Am I ready for this? Should I just take another training?  Is it okay to go a completely woo, non-traditional route with website design? I saw no other designers offering this type of work. Even with the fear and doubt, I knew that I couldn’t hold back any longer.

This was my soul’s calling.

So as of this summer, I integrated both the professional and the spiritual into my website design package. (Take a peek here.) It’s been beautiful to see how seamlessly these two sides merge together — and the powerful impact it has on my client’s businesses.  (It was so worth taking the fearful leap forward!) As I continue deeper into my heart-work, I’m doing a little more expanding into this side of my business. In the coming months, I’ll be releasing more offers that feel aligned to my core. Stay tuned.

I hope this message inspires you to follow your own heart. To move through fear and share your unique gifts. Trust me, you’re more ready than you think.

And thank you for hanging with me through such a long story! There was a lot of ground to cover. I’d like to begin sharing in a more authentic way, so expect my messages to shift a bit from the norm ;)

Much love.