Ep. 2 — Leaping into the Unknown with Humor, Honesty & Guidance


If you’re in the midst of a big leap, transition, or transformation in your work, this podcast episode is for you

Both Anya and I are deep in the midst of it, and we get honest about the complex feelings that come up when we dive into the unknown. The vulnerable, raw uncertainty — paired with the thrilling joy of finding alignment. (And everything in between). 

Since we don’t often share when we’re in the mess of a transition — hello, perfect Instagram feeds — we wanted to shed light to this potent topic. To share the tools and practices that are essential for us during this time, and to create a supportive container for you to feel seen. 

In this episode we chat about:

  • The phases that we go through when we take a leap of faith

  • Shedding old versions of ourselves & our work

  • Creating trust & safety in the unknown

  • Seasonal alignment & what Fall evokes in our business

  • Practices & guidance for those amidst big transitions

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