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Phoenix Rose Designs

Kind words

from clients

Phoenix is a magical intuitive genius web designer and all around cheerleader of women in business. I don’t know that I’ve ever met someone who is so equally talented in both in the right brain skills of art/intuition/creativity AND in the left brain skills of logic/technology/methods.

On top of it all, Phoenix has a warm, nurturing spirit that makes you feel seen, heard, and supported. Working with Phoenix helped me connect more deeply to the online aspects of my work, as my website now truly reflects not only what I do, but the deep sense of purpose and meaning my work brings to my life.
— Johanna Borkan,
Working with Phoenix was as seamless as the comfort of your favorite slippers. Her intuitive sense of putting your vision to page is amazing, her take on who I am and the message of my site was spot on, and her creative flair added so much dimension to my site.

Bottom line — if you are looking for a personalized web designer, who operates in her zone of genius — look no further.
— Ruthanne Adams,
Wow and more wow!!! Phoenix, I feel like crying. I’m completely overwhelmed with how ‘heard and seen’ I feel.
— Carolyn Ellis,
Phoenix joined my team at a time of rapid growth and played an instrumental role in the branding, graphics, and creation of my latest online courses. Her savvy technical skills, coupled with her keen eye for design, provided a valuable (and rare) skillset, I can’t imagine accomplishing all that we did without her involvement. Phoenix is also one of the most professional, dedicated, competent, and kind people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s an incredible asset to any business or entrepreneur.
— Flora Bowley,
Phoenix has an incredible ability to tune into exactly what you’re desiring to create. Her intuitive visions for me always seem to encompass the feeling and intention of what I’m looking for, but can never seem to solidify in my own head. She is also a powerful coach, helping me dive deep into the stories and beliefs that are holding me back, and she does this with such kindness and care. I don’t think there is anyone I would trust more to support me in this critical, and vulnerable, stage of business creation.
— Cecily Crow, Mindfulness Coach
When I saw the first draft of my website, my reaction was joyful tears. After doing the branding work with her, clarifying the imagery and mood of my work, it was so powerful to see it represented visually. I didn’t imagine I could feel so “seen” by a visual representation of my work, but I did.

Her whole-hearted engagement with me, each step of the way was as empowering as her technical know-how. She was professional, but at the same time interacted with me like a comfortable old friend. I looked forward to every meeting we had.

I love my new website so much, and am so grateful that Phoenix is doing what she does.
— Laurel Lococo,
Phoenix has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. It felt like a true partnership. She elicited my views and preferences seamlessly and delivered 100%. I’m thrilled with the result.

I spoke to a potential client yesterday, who had looked at my website and said it is absolutely beautiful. That was exactly what I wanted. In this era of mass commodification I wanted something that would be beautiful, that would stand out from the crowd and reflect my authentic, unique voice.

Thanks to the intuitive wisdom and technical prowess of Phoenix that’s exactly what it does. My website successfully primes potential clients, so they know more about me and get what they expect.
— Áine Watkins,