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Phoenix Rose Designs

Style Identity +

website design

If you're a heart-centered business owner and you're craving a deeper connection to your website —  join me for an inspiring collaboration that will transform your online presence.

We’ll begin by having a virtual tea date to brainstorm, strategize, and hone in on your business vision. You’ll show up fully, and I’ll listen deeply. We’ll map out your website to support this next stage in your business. Then, we’ll dive into your unique style identity.

I’ll let my intuition lead the way as we translate your vision into colors, fonts, artistic design accents and a custom typography logo. I’ll highlight your style aesthetic through each intentionally-crafted page, and then we'll fine tune until the website is perfection.

Through a holistic process, we’ll co-create a true reflection of the powerful work that you’re doing.

You’ll emerge with so much more than a website, but with a renewed sense of clarity and insight into your business as a whole. I’d be honored to be your website guide and storyteller throughout this empowering experience.

Excited to know more?  Find all the details below.


kind words.

"Phoenix is a magical intuitive genius web designer and all around cheerleader of women in business.  I don't know that I've ever met someone who is so equally talented in both in the right-brain skills of art/intuition/creativity AND in the left-brain skills of logic/technology/methods.  On top of it all, Phoenix has a warm, nurturing spirit that makes you feel seen, heard, and supported.  Working with Phoenix helped me connect more deeply to the online aspects of my work, as my website now truly reflects not only what I do, but the deep sense of purpose and meaning my work brings to my life."

— Jo Borkan, Inner Path Counseling


style identity + web design

package includes:






         /// style identity

Phase one:

  • The Clarity Workbook printed, bundled, and mailed with love.
  • A Content Workbook to guide the writing process.
  • Distance Energy Healing session to clear blocks + set the stage for our work together. (Optional, but encouraged.)
  • Initial strategy session to hone in on your style identity and plan the details of your website. 
  • Brand style guide + mood board.
  • Custom logo design to compliment your new website.
  • DIY Newsletter mini e-course + a branded newsletter banner.

 /// custom website design

    Phase two:

    • Custom design of a mobile-ready Squarespace website.
    • Selected stock-imagery for your website. (If needed.)
    • A weekly tarot card pull to ground + guide. (Optional)
    • Artistic hand-crafted elements woven throughout.
    • Basic SEO optimization for Google.
    • Newsletter opt-in integration with the Mailchimp platform.
    • A training session to give you the tools to evolve your website alongside you.


    Time frame: 4 weeks fully devoted to you!
    Payment: 30% due to book + flexible payment plan
    Cost: $5400+ (based upon a 10-page website.)

    Ready to begin? Let's connect to see if our vibes are aligned >>


    /// a la carte additions


    The practical + the spiritual

    • Intuitive Energy Healing  sessions (available prior to start date).
    • Full content review + feedback (available prior to start date).
    • Integrating E-commerce + store.
    • Mailchimp newsletter design.
    • E-course design + integration into your Squarespace website.


    + You're ready! What's next?

    There are just a couple steps before we can dive in.

    1. Let's connect over virtual tea to get to know each other, and to see if our aesthetic vibes are aligned.
    2. If all is feeling good, I'll send along a contract and an invoice for your 30% deposit. After that, your 4-week spot will be in my calendar. No one else can book during that time, it'll be just you and me.

    + What do I need to begin?

    You'll need to have all of your written content and imagery three days prior to our begin date. Don't worry! I'll send along a snail-mail package with a workbook to help you gain clarity surrounding your vision, as well as a plethora of online resources to support you — a content workbook, stock imagery sources, exercises, and more. If you need help finding the right imagery, just ask, I'm here to help!

    + How much time do I need?

    You'll need to designate a good chunk of time before we begin work together! I'd suggest:

    • 2-4 hours for creating an inspiration board in Pinterest, completing questions in the Clarity Workbook, and getting images organized.
    • 10+ hours for writing your content, and if you're taking photographs with a professional.

    Meaning, it's great to get started a full month before our start date. This will give you plenty of time to get organized and ready! Then, once we begin the design process, you'll only need to be available for our weekly revision sessions, and a training session at the end.

    + What does our process look like?

    Personal, intentional, and heart-felt. I only take one client on at a time as to give you tons of attention. We'll begin by gaining clarity, clearing energetic blocks, and diving in to create your sacred online space. Each page of your website is thoughtfully created with crafted elements to highlight your style — and tell your story. In the process, we'll go deep to create a beautiful reflection of the work that you're doing.

    + Why do you use Squarespace?

    Though I have designed in other platforms (Wordpress, etc.), I've strategically chosen to use Squarespace for a couple big reasons. The first being I firmly believe in giving my clients the tools and training needed to manage the website themselves after the project is complete. Since Squarespace is easily customizable - once your site is built, you can work within the framework to change and customize anything you want without hiring a developer or needing to learn custom code. This means editing pages, updating imagery, etc. Of course, I'm always happy to provide continued support, but I believe that should be a choice and not a necessity.

    Also, in comparison, Wordpress functions off of various plugins, and you have to continually manage the updates of each, as well as security. With Squarespace, everything is integrated, so you don't have to worry about the continual upkeep of your website. Plus, it's a gorgeous platform that I adore using to create one-of-a-kind websites for clients.

    + How much does Squarespace cost?

    Clients often use the personal or business plan at $12 or $18/month. Both plans include the cost of website hosting. You'll also need to purchase a domain name at around $20/year. Already have a domain? We can transfer your excisting domain over to your new website.

    Inner Path Banners(19).jpg

    kind words.

    "When I saw the first draft of my website, my reaction was joyful tears...I instantly had to call Phoenix to sing Stevie Wonder's 'I Just called to Say, I Love You.' It just came out, and I'm not exactly a singer!

    After doing the branding work with her, clarifying the imagery and mood of my work, it was so powerful to see it represented visually. I didn't imagine I could feel so "seen" by a visual representation of my work, but I did.

    Her whole-hearted engagement with me, each step of the way was as empowering as her technical know-how. She was professional, but at the same time interacted with me like a comfortable old friend. I looked forward to every meeting we had. I love my new website so much, and am so grateful that Phoenix is doing what she does."

    Laurel Lococo, Integral Psychotherapy

    "Phoenix has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. It felt like a true partnership. She elicited my views and preferences seamlessly and delivered 100%. I’m thrilled with the result.

    I spoke to a potential client yesterday, who had looked at my website and said it is absolutely beautiful. That was exactly what I wanted. In this era of mass commodification I wanted something that would be beautiful, that would stand out from the crowd and reflect my authentic, unique voice.

    Thanks to the intuitive wisdom and technical prowess of Phoenix that’s exactly what it does. My website successfully primes potential clients, so they know more about me and get what they expect."

    Áine Watkins, Executive Coach